Huerta Construction


Let Huerta Construction guide you through the construction process

Here at Huerta Construction you can rely on us to guide you through every step of both the preconstruction and construction process. We provide you with the services that will ensure that your project starts off right such as thorough and comprehensive site evaluations, collaborative masonry and construction project evaluation, and custom design development. We will take a look at all site logistics and make sure that all of our measurements are accurate. We also work hard to provide you with exceptional quality control, and flexible scheduling. As a general contractor, Huerta Construction holds the main point of responsibility for handling construction costs and maintaining the project schedule.

At Huerta Construction, our architectural and structural teams will collaborate with each other flawlessly, to create a blueprint design plan just for you and your project, while working on fair and affordable budgets as well. We always give fair and accurate estimates based upon site-visits and subcontractor consultations.

With the aid of our subcontractors we will then implement our home design services and take in the project scope, time frame and overall planning. We oversee all of the on-site construction and make sure that you will be completely satisfied with the results. We have solid relationships with various labor teams and municipalities. As a locally owned and founded Sedona, AZ construction company, we have techniques, materials and design plans specifically created to match the Sedona climate. You know you are getting quality when you sign up with Huerta Construction, so give us a call today.